House of Billa Dhand - Celebrity Sculptures and Artworks

House of Billa Dhand

Welcome to the House of Billa Dhand and an introduction of our first works of solid silver sculptures that are in London, England.

Our first two pieces are of former President Nelson Mandela and the genius of musical imagination, the late Michael Jackson. Both pieces are of solid silver and weigh approximately 4.5 kgs. Each piece is made with intricate detail. Our master craftsmen are very knowledgeable in their art that has been passed down to them over centuries from their forefathers. They retain the pride and honor that goes with using their hands to produce such beauty.

In addition to the to the above I have complimented in oil medium the icons of the world of past and present. There is also a love for nature that I have and that is reflected in the world of seascapes and landscapes as well as beyond the measures of this world.

Our Nelson Mandela Sculpture

Billa Dhand

Our Nelson Mandela piece

Billa Dhand was born in India in 1961 and came to England in 1965. Billa has a love of all artists and in particular was influenced by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. There are also a few that I think of as grandmasters of art and one in particular is Michelangelo and one of his works should be the one of the wonders of this world and that is the Sistine Chapel painting.

Billa is self taught and has a passion for all works of art and is looking ahead to all that is in his mind that he can reflect in his works.